Rumen Dimitrov is a manual therapist - healer with 30 years of practice.
Cerebral palsy, sciatica, lombago, disc disease, any kind of joint dislocations, various types of spinal curvature, plexitis, interruption of the tonsils, Graves' disease, hemorrhoids, fungus, acne, water, dry eczema, burns, obesity are successfully treated by the method of chekrakchiistvo.
The manual therapy also treats the internal body organs, normalizes the body weight and improves the body tonus.

The method of chekrakchiistvo uses only traditional medicine - no chemicals and drugs.

Rumen Dimitrov has developed "Fast Recover Potion" - a herbal product that improves the metabolism, clears the excess fat in the body, normalizes the blood pressure for 5-6 days, successfully treats tumors in the body, normalizes the blood flow to the heart muscle. It helps the patient to quickly recover after a heart attack. It anesthetizes arthritis, aches of the bones, improves the hearing and eyesight, cures gastritis and colic.

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Treatment of tonsils

Method of treatment:

The nutrition of the tonsils is interrupted, the harmful effects of hot and cold food and drinks are terminated


Types of massage:

  • Anti-cellulite massage - the subcutaneous fat accumulated in the body, that can not be removed by simple weight loss are cleared through this massage
  • Relaxation massage
  • Energizing massage
  • Remedial massage


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